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The Fisherman Speaks

George Campbell Hay / Anne Leith

A forthright excoriation of the dual pressures of poor fishing avaricious banks on families, community and self-worth.

The Smoky Smirr o' Rain

George Campbell Hay / Anne Leith

One of George Campbell Hay's most evocative nature poems, which he also translated to Lowland Scots and Gaelic.

The Hird's Hoose

Angus Martin / Anne Leith

A ruin which was used as a landmark by fishermen when passing the Cock of Arran at the north of the island. The poet imagines it's heyday when a shepherd (hird) would have been in residence, concluding he wouldn't swap his position on the boat with life on the land.

The Old Fisherman

George Campbell Hay / Anne Leith

An old man regretfully reflects on the end of his working life.


Angus Martin / Anne Leith

An adult reflection of a young boy's youthful hero-worship of the ring-net fishermen of Campbeltown and corresponding romantic notions of life at sea.

The Tiller

Angus Martin / Anne Leith

Written from the point of view of what is essentially a piece of wood used to steer a fishing skiff, this mysterious poem ascribes very human emotions to the tiller following the death of the skipper.

The clear, pure voice of Anne Leith is one of Scotland's best kept secrets. Like a collossus bestriding musical genres with casual aplomb, she will literally tear your heart out one minute, then have you singing along with her the next.


Les Oman plays guitar and bouzouki, occasionally chipping in the odd harmony chorus. He has learned to play in the spaces between Anne's vocals and her 'heartbeat' style of guitar picking. It seems to work... 

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